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What are the espresso cart requirements?

Everything is self-contained within our espresso carts. All we need from you is access to a standard 110 electrical outlet on a dedicated circuit. Once the cart is setup, we need a 7 foot by 4 and a half foot space in order to operate. The espresso cart is 4 feet in length prior to being setup and can easily fit in an elevator!

Where do you travel to?

We currently serve the greater Seattle and Portland areas! We do have a travel fee for any events outside of our normal delivery radius. Feel free to request a quote for specific pricing for your event!

What does the barista wear?

Our baristas dress professionally in all-black attire for espresso catering events unless otherwise requested.

How many drinks can be made per hour?

Our most skilled baristas can make up to 100 8oz drinks in an hour, which is the service capacity for the espresso machine. If you have a large event, we can provide multiple espresso carts and baristas to accommodate your group. We currently have 23 espresso carts available to be utilized in a single event; allowing us to serve around 2,000 drinks per hour! We love serving all groups, big or small.

If the cup size is larger than 8oz, the number of drinks per hour varies (ex: 75 drinks is our capacity per hour with 12oz cups!)

Can the cup size be increased?

We are happy to upgrade your cup size to 12oz for a nominal charge.

Can espresso catering events be booked in Seattle and Portland at the same time?

Our main office (206-282-8155) can handle all the details for your espresso catering event in both Washington and Oregon.

Can you provide references?

We are happy to! With over 25 years in the espresso catering business we have numerous references available upon request. Click "the Buzz" to see a few of our reviews.

Some of our highly satisfied customers from 2016 and 2017 include: 

  • Adobe

  • Alaska Airlines

  • Amazon

  • Arena Net

  • Bell Harbor Conference Center

  • Boeing

  • CB Richard Ellis

  • D Squared Catering

  • Eventions

  • Facebook

  • Fairmont Hotel

  • F5 Networks

  • Herban Feast Catering

  • Holland America

  • Kibble & Prentice

  • Microsoft

  • Nordstrom

  • Neiman Marcus

  • REI

  • Sheraton Seattle

  • The Bush School

  • West Coast Entertainment

  • Washington State Convention Center

  • and many, many more!

“The barista was wonderful, very friendly and helpful to those of us that don't drink coffee on a regular basis, as well as everyone else. She made every cup with great expertise and they were quite pretty to look at as well. I had many comments by staff and attorneys about how good the coffee/drinks were.” -Perkins Coie

Do you have the necessary licenses and insurance?

We are fully licensed and insured with over $2,000,000 in liability insurance in order to protect you and your guests. Espresso Elegance has met and exceeded all the license requirements and will gladly provide you with documentation upon request. We do require 2 business days notice for a Certificate of Insurance, so please touch base as soon as you know so we can take care of that step for you!

Can you accommodate outdoor services?

For outdoor events, we require a covering for the espresso cart and barista in case of inclement weather or heavy exposure to sun. We have 10 x 10 pop up tents available for rental if needed.

We always require access to power, so it is important that this is provided as well and that the electrical cords are not exposed to rain. If the event takes place in the evening, please make sure to provide heat and adequate lighting so the barista can see to make their delicious beverages for your guests. We may ask additional questions about your outdoor service to ensure that the delivery runs smoothly.

Outdoor service is available seasonally May-September. Outdoor service outside of these months must be approved on a case-by-case basis and may incur an additional outdoor service fee along with requiring heat, adequate lighting, and additional protection from the elements for our barista and equipment.

How is the espresso cart delivered?

The espresso cart is delivered in one of our three specialized delivery trucks, complete with a lift-gate that can accommodate loading docks as well as street loading zones. Our delivery team is committed to efficient delivery of our equipment with an estimated unload time of 15 minutes or less, causing little to no downtime for you and your staff.

Do you sell by the cup?

We specialize in hosted bar style services, and therefore are not equipped to collect cash or credit card payment at events. If you would like to sell drinks by the cup, you are welcome to have a representative from your event sell the drinks to offset the cost of the espresso catering service.

How can the espresso service be customized?

We love customizing our service to be unique to your event! Here are a few examples of how we have customized events in the past, feel free to get creative and add your own…

  • Custom specialty drink menu in the colors or theme of the event.

  • Serving your favorite espresso roast or favorite flavors (in addition to our standard ones).

  • Branding the cups or cart with your event logo or monogram.

  • Custom drink toppers to show your logo on top of foam!

Are you hiring?

We hiring on a rolling basis throughout the year, and are always looking for dependable, positive, coffee-loving folks to join our team. Feel free to send your resume and hours of availability to our Staffing Manager at info@espressoelegance.com. We'd love to learn about you!