Owner Terry Patton serving at Seattle Country Day School. Thank you to SCDS for this photo!


In 1989, the only thing I knew about espresso was that I loved it! During the workday, I would go to Uptown Espresso in Queen Anne and delight in an almond latte or a doppio espresso. Around this time, my friends Mark and Charlotte Crawford offered me an opportunity to purchase an espresso cart that Mark had built in his garage. It was from this humble beginning that Espresso Elegance was born out of a garage in Seattle circa 1989.


Prior to launching Espresso Elegance, I was a Family and Marriage Counselor in Seattle, where I sincerely loved working with people and relationships.  I learned what it meant to have a servant’s heart and genuine hospitality, which are cornerstones of Espresso Elegance to this day. When the opportunity to purchase an espresso cart arose, I realized that I could merge my love for people and my love for espresso with the concept of espresso catering. In doing so, I could turn coffee into a social aspect at a celebration or event to help bring people together.

As Espresso Elegance grew over the years, my team grew too, and I quickly learned that my role was also to mentor my team members and invest in them as individuals – not just as employees.  I am the proud father of four children, all of whom have worked for Espresso Elegance in some capacity over the years.  I honestly never imagined myself as a business owner with a team of people working towards my dream, and I am blessed that I have had the opportunity to work alongside my children, as well as the hundreds of employees who I consider to be a part of the Espresso Elegance family.  I look forward to meeting many more people who I will have an opportunity to mentor as they learn to get up early, develop a truly great work ethic, serve excellent espresso, and provide genuine hospitality to each and every guest. 

Looking back on our humble beginnings operating out of a garage, I realize that by staying focused, by providing great customer service, by truly caring for the people we are serving, and by loving what we do,  Espresso Elegance is no longer just a dream.  It is an exciting, successful company, that serves the finest clients in the world. We have grown to serve throughout Washington and Oregon; the one cart built in my friend’s garage is now twenty state-of-the-art espresso carts.  And yes, I still have the original espresso cart built by Mark, we bring it out for old time’s sake every now and again.

-Terry Patton, Owner of Espresso Elegance