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Espresso Elegance is a team of coffee lovers passionate about bringing the art of espresso to you. As espresso caterers, we enhance events by providing high-quality espresso made on mobile espresso carts for you and your guests. Our espresso services include unlimited espresso & café drinks made by professional and friendly baristas. Wherever your event may be - all we need is access to power!

From working with our full-time event staff, to providing a smooth delivery to the service itself, we are here to make your experience as simple as possible! As one of the largest and oldest standing espresso catering companies in the country, we pride ourselves on our passion and commitment to the highest quality espresso and customer service. Thirty years of experience has taught us how to provide a consistently elegant espresso service, whether it be at a corporate event, conference, school event, or private party.

Espresso catering cart being delivered to an event by Delivery Manager, Scott

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The Coffee: We offer a variety of espresso bean options. Our standard coffee service comes with Lavazza’s Medium Roast Espresso Blend. This espresso blend is full-bodied and versatile; whether enjoyed as a latte or as a straight shot of espresso, it is sure to please the taste buds! In addition, we offer espresso upgrades featuring some of the finest coffee roasters in the Pacific Northwest - because we love local!

  • Have a favorite espresso blend or roaster? Let us know and we will try our best to have it at your service!

The Drinks: We can make most any drink that a standard café can make, excluding iced blended drinks and breves. For a list of sample drinks, please visit the front page of our website.

  • Looking to make your event extra special? We are more than delighted to create a custom menu with your favorite drinks, colors, themes, or logo to display at your event!

    • Example: "Bride's Choice" - a White Chocolate Mocha with Caramel Drizzle

The Baristas: We love our barista family! All of our baristas go through intensive training in the art of manual espresso pulling and milk steaming, and are all capable of professionally handling high-capacity events. On top of being able to make excellent coffee, our baristas are also friendly and professional, happy to walk you through drink options, teach you about espresso, and help in any way possible!

The Process: We recommend booking an event about 2 weeks in advance - 4 weeks for holidays or any events in December. Just request a quote and we'll walk you through the rest of the booking process, from the invoice, to payment, to an event confirmation two days in advance. Our event planning team prides itself on a quick response time during business hours (within 6 hours) and works hard to make things as easy as possible for you!

SERVIcE Requirements

  • Each espresso cart requires a standard 110 electrical outlet on a dedicated circuit with 17 amps. Curious about power? Ask our event planning team for more details!

  • Enough space for the espresso cart and barista - Our carts are about 6ft by 5ft, including room for the barista.

  • We require payment in full in advance – you can either pay in full upon booking, or pay a 50% retainer fee upon booking and the second 50% the day before the event.

  • Time frames and dates are required to book your event. One hour set-up time is standard before your event

    • Example: Service time: 8am - 10am. Delivery team and baristas show up at 7am. An on-site contact is required to meet us an hour in advance of the service start time - but don't worry... we'll make sure they are well caffeinated for arriving early!

  • We require access to an elevator or a ramp. Our carts weigh around 600 pounds and are unable to be lifted!

  • See our FAQ page for more answer to questions!

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